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Foshan lingfeng new building materials Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of high-end outdoor shade building materials field, leading the thriving growth of new outdoor shade building materials, heritage professional skills, dedication, expert style, for you to create a beautiful outdoor life. Ling Feng is a design, production, sales and service as one of the modern enterprise. Main high-end outdoor canopy,awning,aluminum alloy carport, patio shed, gazebo canopy,glass house,pavilion,Grape trellis,window shed,pc awning,polycarbonate awning,sunroom and other series of new outdoor sun visor building materials and aluminum sunshine room products.
Since its inception, adhere to the people-oriented, excellence, the pursuit of excellence in business philosophy. With excellent corporate culture, to attract a large number from all corners of the globe, has many years of metal structure of the elite. Create a number of experienced, high efficiency, high-quality construction team. As a leader in the new outdoor shade building materials industry, we have a global mindset and vision. Our business philosophy and product range will best meet the diversified and individual needs of the international market. Our most powerful marketing channels are our partners, distributors and smooth communication network all over the world to ensure that you are provided with the highest level, the healthiest and the best outdoor space comfort.

Lingfeng as the industry's pioneer in technology, has been constantly concerned about the market demand, and forecast and develop first-class, suitable products and solutions, it has become the outdoor shade technology industry in the history of another milestone. In our R & D and design concept, any customer's needs will become unique and unique solutions and innovative high-quality products, our senior designers and development team in the "no best, only better," the spirit of inspiration, always Adhere to the most stringent quality control system, in all aspects of R & D and strive to perfect the quality.

The quality of the tree company image, reputation and development, with the best quality, the most affordable price, with iron products and the credibility of steel, waiting for your presence and calls.



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