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PC corrugated sheet

Product Feature

1.Light transmission:85% ~90%

2.Weather resistance: The UV layer on the surface can prevent the corrosion of ultraviolet

3.Sound insulation: The hollow structure has a good sound insulation effect

4.Impact resistance: The impact resistance strength is 250 times of ordinary glass and 30 times of organic glass

5.Fire retardant: The fire retardant is regarded as Grade B2 without fir drop or poisonous gas.

6.Portability: About 1/15 of ordinary glass with the same thickness

7.Temperature resistance :Can be used in -40 to +120

8.Heat insulation: Heat conduction coefficient is lower than ordinary glass with a better heat insulation and preservation effect.



1) Unusual decorations, corridors and pavilions in gardens and recreational and rest places;
2) Interior and exterior decorations of commercial buildings, and curtain walls of the modern urban buildings;
3) The transparent containers, front wind shields of motorcycles, airplanes, trains, ships, vehicles, motor boats, sub marines;
4) Telephone booths, street name plates and sign boards;
5) Instrument and war industries - windscreens, army shields
6) Walls, roofs, windows, screens and other high quality indoor decoration materials;
7) Sound insulation shields on express ways and city overhead highways;
8) Agriculture greenhouses and sheds;


Product Standard

Thickness(mm) 0.8 mm-2.5mm
Width(mm) 840mm, 930mm, 1050mm
Length(mm) can produce according to customer request
Color Clear Opal Green Blue Bronze Lake blue
Raw materials Bayer, Sabic



PC Corrugated Sheet

Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheet



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