hollow pc sheet


1) Width: 2,100mm

2) Regular Length: 5800mm/11800mm
3) Available in 6mm-20mm
4) Color: lake blue, green,dark blue,opalescent,brown,clear and so on
5) Customized colors and dimensions available upon requests 

6) Packing:Both sides covered with PE film

Products Features 
1) Light transmission: up to 88% 
2) Impact resistance: 80 times that of glass, 15 times that of acrylic sheeting 

3) Temperature resistance range: -40 ~ 120C 

4) Light weight: only 1/12 of the weight of glass of the same thickness 

5) Ultraviolet resistance: with UV protective layer 

6) Flame resistance: rated class B1 

7) Sound and heat proof
The products are widely applied to the interior and exterior decoration of commercial buildings and curtain walls of the modern urban building. It is also used for telephone booths, street name plates, sign boards, other high quality indoor decoration and agricultural greenhouses,etc.



1) Unusual decorations, corridors and pavilions in gardens and recreational and rest places. 


2) Interior and exterior decorations of commercial buildings, and curtain walls of the modern urban buildings. 

3) Roofing for swimming pool, shopping malls, commercial streets. 

4) Lighting of modern villa,rainproof lighting shed of underground garage entryway. 

5) Lighting canopy for corridors, passages and subway entries.

6) Walls, roofs, windows, screens and other high quality indoor decoration materials. 

7) Sound insulation shields on express ways,city overhead highways and high-speed railway.

8) Agriculture greenhouses and sheds. 

9) Sunshade for stadiums and bus stops, gazebo, open air carport.







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