Product Name: Outdoor Garden  Aluminum Louver Pergola


Frame: Aluminium alloy                                                    Frame Color: Grey, White

Size: 3x3m , 3x4m                                                               Packing: Carton Packing


1. Moisture and water proof

2. Much more durable

3. Resistant to rot and crack, damage by insects

4. Environmentally friendly

5. Cost effective

6. Easy maintenance

7. 100% waterproof/Motorized Aluminium Pergola

8. Aluminum Louvered Shutter Pergola

9. Sun block , Waterproof , Windproof , Breathable

10. With LED Lights

11. Electric Mode, Remote Control

The Louvered pergola is a semi-permanent premium aluminum pergola with double-layer innovative louvres, post round corner design, led lighting to provide a perfect shaded outdoor area for luxury residential sunshade area or other commercial sunshade area. With the maximum 120-degree crank-operated louvre system, you can have the louvres opened or closed easily and also can chose motorised remote controller button-operated . It comes with internal gutter system and can withstand wind rating 28m/s (100 km/h).This provides the perfect sun and waterproof protection solution to entertain.


Material Advantage









Aluminum Alloy Frame

will not splinter,not easy to get hurt
Without preservatives and heavy metals
Elegant appearance and concise design
Excellent Snow Resistance 600Nm2(equal to 20cm)
No staining or painting required
is more dimensionally stable than solid wood and it will not shrink after installation
does not warp, crack, or twist, aluminum is resistant to decay by insect attack, fungi or other disease.
Water and corrosion resistant, alkali-proof, moth-proof, stainable and malleable, low pollution risk and odor-free
Material surface processing with electrostatic powder spraying process, corrosion resistance
Flame retardant: According to the national GB8624-97 test flame retardant B1 level, no fire, no poison.
Temperature resistance: Within the scope and -40 to +120 degrees Celsius does not cause deformation and degradation phenomenon.
can be very simple to realize personalized modelling, reflect individual character style adequately
Many colors available. Both have natural woodiness feeling and wood texture, and can according to your own personality to customize the color you need
High strength titanium alloy material, can resist all kinds of external shocks, not broken, do not collapse, not dumping, safety performance is extremely high
With stainless steel screws and other parts