Polycarbonate Carport

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Product Name: Outdoor PC Carport,Aluminum Car Port,Polycarbonate Carport,Packing Car Shelter

Frame: Aluminium alloy                                                    Frame Color: Wood,Brown,Grey,White,Champagne

Cover: Polycarbonate Sheet                                              Cover Color: Brown,Grey,Blue,Clear

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Detailed Product Description


Aluminum Alloy Frame

we use raw aluminum alloy material to be the frame with top quality


 Polycarbonate Solid Plate

Light Transmission 
The light transmission reaches 12%-82% depending upon colour and thickness.

Thermal Insulation  
Practical hollow form reduces the energy consumption,therefore, saves the energy cost.

Impact Resistance 
Its outstanding toughness offfers greater protection against breakage during transportation,installation and usage.The impact strength is 10-27 times as much as original glass.

Fire Retardancy 
Fire retardanct grade B1 is decided by the national Gb8624-97 test,without fire drop nor poisonous gas.

attributing to proprietary UV surface,PC sheet remains perfect mechanical and optical performance after exposed to extreme weather for a long time.

Sound Insulation 
The hollow form and polycarbonate resin offer significant advantage for sound insulation.

Weather Ability  
It has super-weather ability,which maintain excellent performance in wide temperature range from -40 to 120.

Easy Installation 
easy to install and can be cold bent


 Our Products

1.Elegant appearance and concise design

2.Light weight & strong structure & easy to install

3.Automatic cleaning & anti-ultraviolet








Aluminum Alloy Frame


1,Top-quality and high intensity aluminum alloy frame



2,Surface after electrophoresis spray coating



3,High durable oxidation resistance



4,It is flame retarded and belong to flame retardant,no fire drop,no gas









Panel advantages


1,Impact resistance of PC solid sheet is 250-300 times stronger than ordinary glass and 2 timers stronger than toughened glass



2,UV resistance.There is a UV blocking layer on the surface of polycarbonate solid sheet, which can filter about 98% ultraciolet radiation, so it can protect of your car well



3,Great hear insulation.The big rise of inside temperature could be shielded by shed panels.



4,Good weather resistannce. polycarbonate can work at temperature range -40℃ to 120℃ and won't change its feature.



Article seal



Article seal is EPDM.The advantage is prevent leakage. This is very important for the carport. 






Two or more units can be jointed together in various ways,in order to provide a wider range of diamesions in different topologies.









1) Protect your car in rainny day

It keeps car dry in the rainy day.reduces rust and dust, and keeps the wax effect of the car, so it helps you maintain the car easily.


2) Let your car keep cool

It protects the car from bright sunlight in the sunny day, and reduces the car temperature rise.Let your car keep cool.


3) Prevent from frosting and snowing

It reduces frost and snow. You don't have to worry to remove the frost and snow in the busy morning.


4) Easy to get in and out in the rain

When getting in and out, you don't have to worry to get wet in the rain. You can load baggage into a car smoothly.


5) Prevent the deterioration by ultraviolet rays

It reduces ultraviolet rays that bleach the car body and sheets.

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