Sunroom use and applicable areas


1.the definition of the sun room:
Lightweight structure glass room. Require a certain self-respect and physical strength, safe to use, have a certain thermal insulation function, the roof has a strong waterproof,with ventilation function. Sunshine room also known as the glass house, glass and metal frame to build a glass house, in order to enjoy the sun, close to nature.The purpose of glass room can create a natural transition of indoors and outdoors, the romantic living space to expand outdoors.

2.the sun room Applicable areas:
With its vast territory, complex terrain and diverse climate types,sun room design necessary conditions, sun room design in the thermal aspects must be considered,Green Grid Sun room R & D from the initial to consider the vastness of demand for sun room, not a single function of the sun room can meet. Green grid understanding.The comprehensive geographical features of the country provide the market with a full range of sunshine rooms suitable.
The definition of sun room, the area of ​​application, the built environment and the purpose of use.
Sun room is mainly suitable is poor air quality in the region. The weather: spring sand, hot summer, autumn.Do not hold short, the winter dry and cold, although a lot of northern sun, can enjoy the sun is not much time for a long time in the hearts of everyone want to have a beautiful glass sun room, any time outside the sunny and false, only through the bright and filled with delicious sweet fragrance in the air.

3. suitable for the construction of the sun room environment:Suitable for the construction of the sun room environment is the residence for the courtyard villa or a building with a terrace. Sun room is generally built in the villa garden, terrace, balcony, day.Well, hall and other places, at the same time get the property management agreement or acquiescence.

4. the use of the sun room:Sun room main purpose living room, gym, entertainment room, study,restaurant, etc .; sunshine room can be appropriate to expand the living space, make full use of leisure,set the corner. Generally can be used as a family botanical garden or small sports venues.



  • Sunroom use and applicable areas
  • Sunroom use and applicable areas
  • Sunroom use and applicable areas
  • Sunroom use and applicable areas
  • Sunroom use and applicable areas

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