About the pergola / grape trellis


Grape trellis (grid top) is an important structure on the stage. According to the characteristics of the theater structure and the theater function and the number of stage machinery required, the structure of the trellis is not the same; it
The primary function is to accept the load of all equipment lifting points, and also to carry the load of some equipment drivers; the effect of the channels for repairing and protecting the equipment; the top and bottom of the grille
In both cases, the connection between the boom and the theater roof is welded and bolted; the load on the grape frame is loaded by the hoisting point beam. Grape frame weight, grid top dynamic load composition; grape frame planning
First determine a method of construction, and then preliminarily determine the scale of the primary data according to the characteristics of the force, then proceed with the specific planning calculations, check whether the primary data meets the requirements, and finally draw out
Figure, complete the planning of the trellis.

Materials and forms
The roof of the theater stage is divided into data from the use of materials: reinforced concrete and steel grids; from the appearance is divided into: rectangular, circular, fan-shaped, curved, bevel and so on. The shape of the roof is based on drama
As planned for the overall structure of the field, regardless of how the shape of the roof changes, the policy of completing the function of the theater is common; the hanging point beam on the grape frame must be straight and in the direction of the platform.
And must be satisfied with the height of the trip request. The load of the trellis and most of the equipment is transmitted to the roof beam or trusses through the derricks, and the different splicing methods are used to satisfy the trellis.
Request; grape frame is divided into a single layer and two layers. The single layer is the hoisting point beam and the gate top rail in the same layer. The two-layer structure is the elevation of the hoisting point beam and the gate top horse path;
A structure is better; the grape frame is divided into two kinds: full-pavement and horse-crossing from the top of the grid. The full paving is covered with pedals on the top of the grid.
The local roads are planned for the equipment and other local areas are not paved. The grape frame is mainly composed of hanging point beams and main keels. Sub-keel, boom assembly, corner beam, pedal, horse railing, etc.
After the construction of the rack, the force placement diagram can be created based on the plane layout of the required equipment and the technical parameters of each equipment, and then force analysis is performed to select the primary structure.
Data scale; select the risk end face with the most outstretched force, appropriately simplify the stress, and establish the mechanical model that is closest to practice; then check it and verify the symmetrical placement of pulleys on the lifting point of the equipment.
The hoisting point beam does not do partial stability checking, otherwise, the stability of the hoisting point beam will be checked, and if necessary, reinforcement treatment will be carried out.

Construction processing
The main keel is usually placed parallel to the direction of the platform. The suspension point beam is placed on the main keel and placed perpendicular to the direction of the platform. The main keel is welded at the intersecting position. The corner beam is placed on the main
Above the keel and placed perpendicular to the mouth of the station, depending on the method used to select the driver is not the same, sometimes a corner beam is selected, sometimes two corner beams are used, and the orientation is based on the driver
The detailed position of the device is used to determine the position; welding is performed at the interpenetrating portion of the main keel; the secondary keel is placed on the main keel and is placed perpendicular to the mouth of the table, and is welded to the interpenetration portion of the main keel.
The connection is made; the pedals are welded to the secondary keel on request and it is necessary to make barriers on both sides of the horse; Sometimes the builder did not consider the fire curtain leg and the fire curtain at the beginning of the construction of the theater.
Corner beam ox leg, this is the demand to plan the steel ham leg, the steel fireproof ox leg uses the construction structure plan to reduce the workload as much as possible, and the steel fireproof ox leg is made of two steel sections, one end of which bears the coagulation
The beam or on the beam is welded to the buried plate and reinforced with ribs. One end is placed on top of the main keel and welded. The distance between the two sections is determined according to the pulley base dimensions.
The distance between the legs can be determined according to the width of the mouth of the platform and the planning scale of the fire curtain; the corners of the fire curtain are determined according to the characteristics of the theater construction structure, and the triangular steel leg is usually used to support the leg.
The end of the wall to the embedded board with the wall bolts and the girder firmly connected, add two longitudinal beams on the leg, the distance determined according to the standard of the corner pulley base. Sometimes depending on equipment or repair requirements
Special treatment.
Nowadays, the weight of the grape trellis is within the range of 12000kg to 30,000kg. After selecting the light and high-strength data, the weight of the trellis is lowered; the method of optimizing planning is used, and the use is limited.
Meta-analysis approach to obtain the mechanical model closest to the actual stress, variable cross-section planning, saving more data, reducing costs; to improve the planning of high-strength bolted connection components, to find out more
A more reliable linking method; the method of linking the lower end of the boom with the main keel or the hanging point beam through the connecting plate bolts is further improved, and the high-strength components formed once are used to reduce the number of parts.
The installation is convenient, the appearance is beautiful, and the application is reliable; the data fee in the cost of the grape rack occupies a large proportion, and the data consumption is reduced, and the profit rate of the grape rack can be improved. The information used by other grape racks
Nearly the acquisition reduced transportation costs; although the proportion of machining fees is not large, if you use standard parts, you can also reduce the cost.



  • About the pergola / grape trellis
  • About the pergola / grape trellis
  • About the pergola / grape trellis
  • About the pergola / grape trellis

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