The introduction for sun house,sunroom


Sunshine room is also called glass room, foreign name: winter garden. The sun room is a non-traditional building made of glass and metal frames to enjoy the sun and get close to nature. The Sunshine Room is a building that is pursued by both natural and fashionable people at home and abroad. Sunshine House is widely researched in the Shanghai area of ​​North China. The Shengye Industry needs to be designed and built according to the needs of the venue and personal preferences. The interior layout can be decorated according to personal preference. The balcony or terrace sun room is in the entire living room, so visual connectivity is very important. It needs to be considered in line with the overall style of the building, while the overall tone is as consistent as possible.


The sun room is classified according to the top material: glass roof sun room, broken bridge aluminum roof sun room, degao roof sun room, color steel plate sun room sun room.

The sun room is classified according to the façade materials: aluminum doors and windows of Feng Aluminum Bridge, aluminum doors and windows of Xingfa Broken Bridge, doors and windows of aluminum-clad wood, doors and windows of plastic steel.

Sun room is classified according to structure: steel structure sun room, aluminum structure sun room, steel and aluminum structure sun room, wood structure sun room.

According to the location of the sun room: terrace sun room, garden sun room, door-to-door sun room, underground courtyard sun room, balcony sun room.

Sunshine rooms are classified according to their styling: creative top sun room, combined top sun room, styling top sun room, single sloping sun room.

European-style sun room categories: Mediterranean sun room, Byzantine sun room, Victorian sun room, Gothic sun room.

Sunshine room system: sloping roof sunroof system, intelligent sunshade system, natural ventilation system, energy-saving Low-E glass, water system.

The structure of the sun room: The main structure of the sun room is the vitality of the sun room, and it bears the greatest strength support. Therefore, the main structural materials cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, the main structure of the sun room is selected as the main material of the load-bearing steel, and some small and medium-sized sun room high-grade sun room may also use the broken aluminum alloy structure. The basic four-sided column of the sun room structure is necessary. In addition, the beam and the longitudinal beam supporting the color steel plate or the tempered glass are combined into a mesh structure. The sun room material is very firm and safe. The cost and performance of various materials vary. Consumers can choose according to their economic affordability. According to the main structural forms of the sun room:

1. Steel structure sun room

2, insulated aluminum alloy structure sun room

3, composite structure (including steel-wood composite structure, aluminum-wood composite structure) sun room

4, wooden structure sun room

5, dimmable sun room (application of high-tech dimming glass.)



  • The introduction for sun house,sunroom
  • The introduction for sun house,sunroom
  • The introduction for sun house,sunroom
  • The introduction for sun house,sunroom
  • The introduction for sun house,sunroom

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